Example products

Nard provides multiple example products to be used "as is" or as a template. Here are but a few:

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The basic one. Contains what you need to get started, such as SSH, FTP, WiFi, robust boot + upgrade together with a classic "Hello World".


Display JPEG images and play MP3 audio with fbi and mpg123. May be expanded with a H.264 video player using the the add-on.


Signage screen

Web browser kiosk in full screen mode. Perfect for information panels, bulletin boards, railway guides etc. The startup URL is configured in /settings/www-kiosk but one can also crontrol the browser from the the command line with:

$ browser-open  "http://www.google.com"
$ browser-close
Remote desktop via VNC is available and a pre-built demo image for RPi 2B & 3B+ is here. For custom building the the add-on is required.

jenkins build monitor
Jenkins build monitor with Kiosk

Console server

Serial to network proxy. Access any UART serial port remotely via TCP/IP. Works with USB-RS232 dongles too. Just telnet to port 10010.

USB-to-Serial photo

Users products

Some interesting builds made by users of Nard:


A network radio player with wakeup alarm and snooze. http://hackaday.io/project/6672-iris-network-radio-with-alarm-clock

Iris front photoIris inside photo

Precision agriculture

Researchers at The University of Iowa mounted Nard devices with GPS and sensors on a tractor and a corn planter. This allowed the laboratory to develop a dynamic model of the planter motion as pulled by the tractor, which in turn help farmers increase the yield.

Agriculture tractor photoAgriculture product photo

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